Committed To Your Child’s Well-being For Over 20 Years

Established over 20 years ago, the warm and sensitive nursery practitioners at Scallywags II Day Nursery have many years of combined experience in delivering secure, nurturing, and balanced child care from our lovely Greenwich nursery and are committed to the well-being of your children. We focus on giving your children an environment from which to develop their confidence and
independence, in addition to encouraging self-discovery, exploration and natural curiosity. As well as creating a safe, positive and fun space for your children, we provide parents with the assurances you need that your little ones are secure in our care. Our Greenwich nursery accommodates children between the ages of three months – five years and if you’re looking for a trusted nursery that focuses on helping your children to achieve their full potential, then Scallywags II Day Nursery could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Our Core Values

At our Greenwich nursery, all the children who attend are treated with respect and are valued as unique individuals. Our primary aim is to support and encourage your children as they grow, and we celebrate their individualism and development through immersive play, genuine communication, and a nurturing approach by following our core values and philosophies…

A Balanced Curriculum

At our Greenwich nursery, we provide your children with a balanced curriculum that supports them as they develop socially, intellectually, emotionally and physically.

Secure & Loving Environment

We strive to treat every child with a loving outlook and provide them with a secure and loving environment, from which they can develop their confidence and independence.

Encouragement & Independence

Combining the care of our sensitive staff with stimulating play and our balanced curriculum, we encourage your children to learn and explore independently, with supervision.

Equal Opportunities

We believe that every child who attends our Greenwich nursery should be treated with respect and should feel accepted regardless of their ability, gender, race, religion or personal circumstances.

Parental Involvement

As well as giving you the crucial peace of mind that your children are safe and secure in our care, we also encourage parental involvement to ensure your child learns from you too.

Why Choose Us?

With our core values and principles, our Greenwich nursery delivers outstanding child care to make sure that every child receives the education and attention that they deserve. We have worked faithfully over the last 20 years to pave the way for high standards of nursery care that can guarantee the happiness and satisfaction of you and your children.

Here’s why we believe that we should be your choice of nursery…


Over 20 Years of Experience

Established over 20 years ago, our dedicated nursery practitioners are genuinely committed to the well-being and development of your children. By focusing on self-discovery, exploration and natural curiosity within a safe and secure environment, our staff are truly unmatched in their approach – whether your child needs a caring touch to apply a plaster, someone to deliver stimulating play or someone who can engage them with learning.

High-Quality Care for All Children

At our Greenwich nursery, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality care for children from all walks of life. We strongly believe in equal opportunities and that all children should have
access to child care that truly focuses on their needs, regardless of their ability, gender, race, religion or personal circumstances. We also support several children who learn English as
an additional language and cater to SEN children.

5* Food Hygiene Rating

Our food is provided to us by Zebedee’s Lunch Box, a complete and comprehensive service that includes hot lunches, cold afternoon teas and an organic puree range. We have a 5* food hygiene rating and cater to many dietary needs by working closely with a paediatric dietitian to design the menus, which are then analysed using specialist software to ensure they meet the specific dietary needs of nursery-age children.

Immersive Play

We value stimulating play, and all children share access to a secure enclosed outdoor play area. Throughout the day, we cultivate a fun, secure and loving environment that supports and encourages the imagination of your children through this immersive play. We offer a wide variety of activities which focus on independent play, group involvement and creative one-to-one play, so your children can develop their confidence and independence.

How Much Does Scallywags II Day Nursery Cost?

We provide high-quality child care and education from our lovely Greenwich nursery which supports and encourages your child’s development. We believe that everyone should have access to 
affordable child care which is why our prices are fair and competitive. We also receive funding for the 
provision of free early education for children aged three and four years. 
0-2 £1324.00 per month £818.00 per month NA
2-3 £1180.00 per month

£947.50 – with 15 FREE HOURS

£732.00 per month

£499.50  – with 15 FREE HOURS

£583.50 per month
£398.50 – with 15 FREE HOURS
3-5 £1070.00 per month

£837.50 – with 15 FREE HOURS
£605.00 – with 30 FREE HOURS

£641.50 per month

£409.50 – with 15 FREE HOURS
£176.50 with – 30 FREE HOURS

£528.50 per month

£296.00  – with 15 FREE HOURS
£102.00 – with 30 FREE HOURS

All fees are payable monthly in advance via cash or direct bank transfer.

We offer government funding – for 2- 4-year-olds

Everyone at Scallywags II Day Nursery is genuinely committed to the well-being of your children, as 
well as promoting our core values of creating a balanced curriculum in a secure and nurturing setting 
and supporting growth and independence through stimulating play and engaging communication. 
With our Greenwich nursery, you as a parent will have the assurances you need that your children 
are secure and comfortable, as well as enjoying fun and positive relationships with us whilst in our 
Here’s what some of our lovely parents had to say about their experiences with Scallywags 
II Day Nursery 
“A great nursery, staff are friendly. My little girl is progressing really well and is very happy.” 
“Absolutely brilliant nursery and staff are so great and helpful thanks to you all!” 
“Excellent and very good child care.” 
“Absolutely love this nursery!” 

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