Baby Room (Wobbler Room (Steady/Confident walkers – Two years)

And they’re off! Once the children become confident walkers they can move into Wobbler room.

Here the resources and space are stepped up a gear to encourage mobile and inquisitive little people to explore, learn and play.

Toys and furniture are bigger and allow your child to choose stimulating activities that either they or a member of staff chose. Free flow access into the garden means they have most constant choice about where and how they want to play, always with constant supervision.

Within this age band we are looking to further support your child in a range of areas. Focussing on communication and Language, singing and story time, sitting at child’s level and asking age appropriate questions. Physical Development to have space, opportunities to climb, slide and wobble and Personal, Social and Emotional Development, providing opportunities for group activities, making relationships and building their confidence and self-awareness.

Our wobblers explore their senses to a max so we ensure they have touch, taste and smell learning experiences.

Observations from the practitioners will go into your child’s Learning Story book and appropriate further activities can be planned to encourage your child to go one step further as they grow.

Just like our babies we will follow your routine with sleep and bottles as many under two are still require this. The room is well equipped for this.

OFSTED child ratios for under 2’s are one staff member per 3 children, and we will always be in accordance with this.

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