Pre School

In Pre-school we can now start preparing your child for school. We can do this by providing the right environment and well trained staff to guide their play and encourage them to think and be independent. Through play, literacy, numeracy and guidance, we can give them the foundation and tools they will need to prepare them for reception class.

Within this room we will be further supporting your child’s development by encouraging them to enjoy reading and writing (of sorts!), number recognition, calculating, shapes and sizes and developing their imaginative play.

Scallywag’s children are nurtured, so they have a sense of community both with us and in the world around them. Visits from people such as the Police, Fire Brigade, Lollipop person, will help their knowledge and understanding of the world, and we will work closely with local schools (including independents) to make the transition from us to school is a smooth and happy one.

Scallywags pre-schoolers will be taken on outings too, to see people who we may be talking about at Nursery, to further encourage their thoughts and questions and be creative at nursery on their subjects. Cookery lessons will move on to things they can bring home to eat! And nutritional education will be part of their daily life with us. Children will also have ‘free flow’ access into the back garden all day.

OFSTED child ratios for over 3’s are one staff member per 8 children, and we will always be in accordance with this – as a minimum.

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